Friday, December 17, 2010

My Top Ten Albums for 2010

I'm not a writer as you probably know by now and I sure as hell hate describing music but we're gonna keep this tradition going. These are my top albums of 2010. Again if it didn't come out on vinyl it doesn't exist. I'm sure I forgot a few but here goes.... in no order:

Forrest Swords - "Dagger Paths" - super trippy dubstep-esque

Grinderman - "2" - straight ahead rock and roll with some good noise

Ted Leo + Pharmacists - "Brutalist Bricks" - I can sing this in the shower, Ted keeps rolling

Spoon - "Transference" - best pop crafted songs, I never get enough SPOON

unFact - "Bleached Valentine" - David WM. Sims experimental bass/guitar project - etherial and dron

Four-Tet - "There is Love in You" - trippy repeative music with vocals as an instrument

Kvelertak - "Kvelertak" - metal album of the year for me, so good, in the same vein as Turgonegro

Coliseum - "House With a Curse" - another good rock record, nothing you haven't heard before but I'm feeling it

Flying Lotus - "Cosmogramma" - sparse beats and all around electro weirdness

Caribou - "Swim" - more electronic goodness

the Roots - "How I Got Over" - just cause they're on TV doesn't mean they don't rip - a solid hiphop chunk for 2010

Black Mountain - "Wilderness Heart" - kinda retro, fun to pull on the influences and I love the male/female lead vocal swaps

SKREAM - "Outside the Box" - king of Dubstep makes a more accessible album, but it still kills

Sharon Jones + Dap Kings
- "I Learned the Hard Way" - sweet, sweet soul this album just kills it

High on Fire - "Snakes for the Divine" - crushing metal from Matt Pike and the boys - you know what it sounds like just turn it up

Dead Weather - "Sea of Cowards" - more heavy on the Jack White than the last album but rocky and groovy

Aloe Blacc - "Good Things" - this one hit me from nowhere a solid modern soul record

Flaming Lips - "Dark Side of the Moon" - this doesn't hit the decks too much but I love the effort, "Embryonic" is good too...

OFF! - "First Four EP's" - makes me wanna go skate

Thou - "Summit" - the most brutal sludge Baton Rouge has to offer this one just slays

White Hills - "Dead in Circles" - reissue but killer, wall of sound knock your teeth out space rock


Mike Wolfson said...

Thanks for creating this list. I am digging into it this week at work, and enjoying some of these tunes. Hope all is well - happy new year - hope it is filled with good things.

AaronX said...

thanks Mike!