Monday, November 29, 2010

Interesting Article on Airliine Security

"A short history of airport security: We screen for guns and bombs, so the terrorists use box cutters. We confiscate box cutters and corkscrews, so they put explosives in their sneakers. We screen footwear, so they try to use liquids. We confiscate liquids, so they put PETN bombs in their underwear. We roll out full-body scanners, even though they wouldn’t have caught the Underwear Bomber, so they put a bomb in a printer cartridge. We ban printer cartridges over 16 ounces — the level of magical thinking here is amazing — and they’re going to do something else.

Take all the money spent on new security measures and spend it on investigation and intelligence.

This is a stupid game, and we should stop playing it."

New Album from Electric Wizard

Black Masses

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Rock is Really Just the Muppet Show

what a ripoff!!!! - great read!

Hourly Cost to Fly the President Around in AF1

$181,000 an hour I know we gotta protect him and he needs this, but man to hear the actual number is a bummer to say the least.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

US Budget

If I had to pick one thing about politicians in this country it would be to ask them to balance the fucking budget. This is a nice interactive graphic that lets you slash budget items and see how they play out in the future. Well done graphic designer, well done.

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Caught Dead in That


Vote Against

I totally agree with this article, people are not voting for candidates in this election they are voting against candidates - in my opinion this is not a smart course of action. This fully illustrates that the general public has lost all faith in politics, me included. It's a game in which I will not participate, go ahead and's that going for you?
"More precisely, it is a rejection of a bipartisan political elite that's lost touch with the people they are supposed to serve. Based on our polling, 51% now see Democrats as the party of big government and nearly as many see Republicans as the party of big business. That leaves no party left to represent the American people."

thanks Wes!