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Sampled Room

I love this!

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this is so cool, having myself spent tons of time in parking lots and other ignored concrete areas - - - I can relate brother.

TRAVIS COLLIER 'SPOTS' from Mike McKinlay on Vimeo.

the Beast Publishes it's 50 Most Loathsome Americans

full of gems like this:

34) Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)
Charges: A Madonna doppelganger with scoliosis and a knack for trite, overproduced and formulaic drivel. Not nearly as controversial as she imagines. She pissed off Jerry Seinfeld? Meh. My heart’s not really in this one. She makes shitty music. Who fucking cares. Probably you. You sicken me. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Aggravating factor: Excessive consonant repetition.
Sentence: Tracheotomy.

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