Friday, November 20, 2009

Spray Paint the Walls

a book on the history of Black Flag I have "Get in the Van" from Rollins and I can't recommend it enough. The link here is from Glen Friedman's blog.


Mateo Berumindale said...

I get bummed out when i see a book is published in the UK. It takes too long to get to the USA. I have been hounding the Tattered Cover for "The Original Rude Boy" by Neville Staple for months. I don't know about Rollins', "Get in the Van", but his, "See a Grown Man Cry" sorta blew. MtB

AaronX said...

MTB - Get in the Van is his diary from Black Flag, so he talks about shows, sleeping in the shed, getting beat up and spit on, etc.... truly an epic read with tons of killer photos too about life on the road as a punk band in the early 80's..... it is a tremendous account of what those did and went through.