Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen reviewed

Alan Moore, who has refused to have his name on the movie (ditto its Moore-based predecessors, "V for Vendetta" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") and who has declined all reimbursement to protest the entertainment industry's fundamental lack of respect for intellectual property, counts as a bona fide visionary. I disliked "V for Vendetta" despite loving the original comics series. I imagine the same reaction if I were to see Watchmen. Maybe NetFlix?


J Reidy said...

V for Vendetta was a terrible movie as was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. this on the other hand is getting good reviews from people i respect.

didn't you like the Dawn of the Dead remake? good stuff. as was 300 in a comic book-y sort of way. i think this will be good and i may actually go to the theater and see it.

AaronX said...

yeah I dug the Dawn of the Dead remake. And I really liked 300 as well, in the war porn sort of way. I did not see League of Extaordinary fact it doesn't even ring a bell?