Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Comic

It Happened in DENVER

John Reidy is writing a comic and I'm illustrating you can see our *cough* "work" *cough*

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Phil said...

Here's my story for the next comic...
Fri June 20, 2008

Phil pulls up to Mescal (on scooter) Many motorcycles and scooters line both sides of the 'Fax. Dave and Eric where at the bar. Drinks where had with Pam&Angel!

Tons of old punkers are hanging around at both bars across the street from the Bluebird. Everywhere I hear "Wow, I haven't seen you in like 15 years" and "Holy shit! you're still alive!"

I go across to the Bluebird whose board reads "The Fluid-Boss 302" Everybody is having a 'reunion' with old friends. "I used to party with Mike from '86-'89" Says Al. I'm the youngest one around!

I rock out to the Omens and have a drink with Michelle and Andrea of Lions Lair fame. "What's John Reidy up to these days?" "Well, he actually just did a comic that portrays you at the Lair!"

Outside, Andrea and I are having a smoke and decide to phone Reidy. "Hey John Reidy, hey john reidy, HEY JOHN REIDY!" says Andrea to the message.

Back inside Boss 302 rocked and then the Fluid played to an over sold super packed house of late 30's early 40's original scenesters, "I'm sooooo back in high school" says Ric.

'All of Denver's punk elite came out on fri for the reunion of the Fluid and JR was not in attendance...It happend in Denver !'